Gloseal Water Proofing Compound

Gloseal is a reliable, economical anti seepage and anti-damp water proofing,

Road Marking paint

1001 Road Marking paint IS:164 Grade-I has excellant adrasion resistance,

Paint Remover

Solvent type non-flammable.

Melamyne Thinner

Combination of aromatic solvent

Stoving Thinner

Combination of petroleum solvents.

Knifing Paste Filler

Meant for filling dents and imperfection of the surface to be coated.

Gopal Varnish

Oleoresinous varnish.

Chimney Black Paint

This composition is specially developed to encounter mild heat (Maximum 200 C),

Two Pack Silk Screen Grey Finish

Supplied as base & hardner separately

Epoxy Thinner ( Code 0682T)

Combination of petroleum solvents.

Drinking Water Tank Black

It is based on special quality of asphalt additive,

Universal Stainer

1001 Premium Stainer are highly concentrated pigment dispersions.

Clear Coating For Brass

To protect brass from weather from adverse conditions

Silicone Coating For Bricks and Walls-Waterproofing

Invincible Coating

Rust Remover Thinner

To remove rust, grease and oil from the corroded surface

Chororubber Thinner

Combination of aromatic solvents