Gloss-O-Fill (Natural Wood Filler)


Gloss-O-Fill is a water-based, eco-friendly wood filler formulated for filling cracks, gaps, and blemishes on all types of wood.

  • Unique Solvent-Free Formula: Gloss-O-Fill utilises a proprietary solvent-free blend that ensures strong adhesion to various wood surfaces. This eliminates concerns about shrinkage, cracking, or falling out after application.
  • Compatible with All Finishes: Gloss-O-Fill provides a smooth, seamless base for any wood finishing system, including lacquer, melamine, polyurethane (PU) , and polyester.


  • Preparation: Clean the wood surface to remove dirt or debris before applying the filler.
  • Filling: Use a putty knife to fill cracks, holes, and blemishes. For deeper imperfections, apply multiple layers of filler, allowing each layer to dry completely before adding the next.
  • Water Adjustment: Gloss-O-Fill offers application versatility. If needed, add 30% to 50% water for a thinner consistency, ideal for filling hairline cracks or easier spreading.
  • Cleanup: Water-based Gloss-O-Fill allows for easy cleanup with soap and water.

Gloss-O-Fill provides a user-friendly and environmentally conscious solution for achieving a flawless finish on your wood projects. Its versatility, strong adhesion, and compatibility with various finishes make it a valuable addition to any woodworker's toolbox.