Homecare Natural Melamyne Interior Wood Finish

Description :

With 1001 NATURAL WOOD FINISH TWO PACK GLOSSY MATT you get the best of both worlds - it brings out the natural beauty of the wood and provides it with an elegent yet tough protective coating. It stands up to rigorous wear and tear, heat and liquid stains. Minimal maintenance by dusting and an occasional wipe with a damp cloth keeps the surafce looking as good as new. A unique two-pack cold catalysed wood coating system, it is available in two sophisticated finishes - glossy and matt.

Thinning :

Special Thinner 023T

Uses :

Wood works

Finish :

Glossy : Transparent mirror-like gloss. Matt : Transparent matt finish

Application :

Brush or spray ( For better results spray only)

Covering Capacity :

10-12 Sq.m. per litre per coat.

Drying Time :

Surface dry : 20 - 30 mins. Hard dry : 2 Hrs T.F : Overnight.

Color Range :


Packing :

1, 4 & 20 litres.

Highlights :

Mix base & hardener in specified ratio by volume and consume it with in 4 hrs.

Shelf Life :

6 months (Separate under sealed conditions)

Flash Point :

Above 25°C

Undercoats :

Sanding Sealer

Directions of Use :

Mix by volume 90 parts Base and 10 parts Hardener in glass/plastic/enamel container. Stir mixture well and allow to mature for 30 minutes. Strain through muslin cloth. Use mixture within 4 hours of mixing. Use Wood Keeper Melamine Thinner for ease of application. Apply 2 coats by brush or spray for proper build and finish. Dry for 24 hours between coats.

Application Areas :

On all wooden works