Name of Product: Acrylic Based 1001 Turf Coat for Sports Flooring/Tennis/Basketball Courts

Use 1001 Turf Coat System for Sports Flooring to enhance durability, weather resistance of the sports floor, indoor or outdoor. 1001 Acrylic Turf Coat System is good for the athlete's knees and back as the multiple layers make the court softer on landing. Cushioned Sports Flooring has superior qualities to absorb shock leading to decrease in lower back and foot fatigue. Our Sports Flooring system ensures confident player footing, is skid resistant and is economical. Additionally, it requires low maintenance as it can be cleaned easily.

System of Application:

First Layer : 1001 Turf Coat - Concrete Primer.
Concrete Primer is applied to fill cracks and bridges to make the area smooth for playing. If applied properly, in the long run the concrete primer reduces cracking.

Second Layer: 1001 Turf Coat - Acrylic Black Resurfacer
It provides a smooth surface for the top coat and brings a textured finish to the court. The resurfacer also ensures optimal and consistent application and coverage of the final top coats.

Third layer : 1001 Turf Coat - Cushion Coat - Special E Grade
Our specially designed cushioning system reduces stress on the athlete's back, hips, knees and ankles by providing a 'cushion' while playing.

Fourth Layer : 1001 Turf Coat Acrylic Based Top Coats
We offer a variety of shades from Blue, Red, Green, and Orange to any shade from the RAL shade card as per our customer's choice.

Fifth layer : 1001 White Line Marking Paint
1001 White Line Marking Paint is used to denote lines for the playing area.