Bathrooms & Kitchens

Condensation of moisture, fumes, grease stains, etc. cause paint breakdown, flaking and mould infection. Better ventilation may somewhat control condensation somewhat but it does not take care of the other problems. 

Glossy Interior Flat Paint or 1001 FLAT OIL PAINT  is recommended over emulsion based wall paint to correct staining and flaking.

Their advantage is that they can be wiped down with a damp cloth to keep them clean.

All wood, including parts hidden from view, must be completely protected from damp by a coat of Enamel Paint.

Anti-termite Protection for Wooden Surfaces

It is absolutely essential to pretreat all wooden surfaces with Glossy Wood Protector Clear to guard against termites, wood borers, etc.

This is a transparent coating that has to be brushed onto bare wood.

Its greatest advantage is that it allows subsequent overpainting with paints, synthetic finishes and polishes.

Applied properly Wood Keeper Wood Protector Clear continues to provide long term anti-termite protection and is strongly recommended for costly wooden furniture, almirahs, cabinets, pelmets, beams, stairs, storage systems, etc.

Water Tanks 

Concrete and galvanised iron water tanks are susceptible to algae and fungus attack, besides corrosion.

Non-toxic Bituminous paint like 1001 Black Anti Corrosive Alkali Resisting will keep the inside of your water tank free of algae, fungus and corrosion.

To protect the outside, use 1001 Aluminium Paint, a specially formulated aluminium with rich, reflective silver-like lustre that also reduces internal temperatures. 

1001 Aluminium Paint can also be used effectively to increase the life of gas-holders in kitchens.

Asbestos Roofing & Piping

Asbestos roofing sheets and pipes tend to retain moisture for a long time and are severly affected by fungus and algae.

Loose asbestos dust is also a health hazard.

Always wash off dirt and loose particles with water – never dust off asbestos surfaces, they are carcinogenic.

Let the surface dry thoroughly before painting.


Exterior surfaces can be painted with a wide variety of paints – 

·       cement paint, 

·       enamel paint or 

·       1001 Aluminium Paint 

(which is highly reflective and helps keep interiors cool).

Asbestos on interior surfaces may be painted with any emulsion or enamel paint.