1001 Anti Carbonation CONCRETE PRIMER WT

1001 Anti Carbonation CONCRETE PRIMER WT is an excellent latex based emulsion primer suitable for new interior/exterior concrete walls. It has proven economical due to its high solid content which gives it good hiding power and excellent spreading rate.

Design Use
Areas of Use: Interior / Exterior
Substrate: As a primer on new interior and exterior concrete cement surfaces. Not recommended for exteriors exposed for direct sea blast.

Physical Data
Finishes: Not Applicable

Color: White
Spread Rate: Depends on temperature and porosity of surface
Drying Time: Touch dry: 15 Minutes

Recoat time: 1 Hour
Gloss Level: Not Applicable

Application Data 
By Brush, Roller or Spray. Only use clean tools and equipment.
Drying Time: Approximately 15 Minutes
Mixing Ratio: 1 Liter water per 4 Liter Concrete Primer

Additional Information
Thinner: Water
Storage Point:
Store in a cool dry shaded area
Flash Point: Not Applicable
Shelf Life: Not Applicable
Pack Size: 20 L/ 4 L / 1 L

Surface Preparation
Should be clean and free from dust, damp, grease, wax, loose particles and efflorescence.

Health & Safety – Read Directions carefully before use
Do not take Ingest
Liquid paint and vapors may cause irritation
Use only with adequate ventilation
To ensure entry of fresh air open all doors and windows. if headache or dizziness is experienced use respiratory protection or leave area for fresh air. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

First Aid
Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting, Get medical attention immediately
Inhalation: if excessive exposure symptoms are experienced, leave area to obtain fresh air, if difficulty continues get medical attention 
Eye Contact:
Flush Immediately with water for at least 15 minutes
Skin Contact: Wash thoroughly with soap and water