1001 AC Protective Lacquer ST
Clear Solution for Protecting Copper in ACs
Description : A hard tough clear lacquer having resistance to water, alcohol, heat and cold. It is a single pack coating designed to block corrosion of copper in AC because of Industrial pollution and Sulphur fumes.
Thinning : Spl 1001 AC Reducer
Uses :  To prevent corrosion of Copper in AC. 100 ML coating is sufficient for 1 AC.
Finish : Clear
Application : By spray with Reducer, 1 to 1.5 parts by volume.
Covering Capacity : 10 sq. meters per litre.
Drying Time : Surface Dry : 10 min. Hard Dry : 6 hrs.
Color Range : Colorless, Slightly Pale
Packing : 500 ML; 1 L
Shelf Life : 12 Months
Flash Point : Above 20°C