Infinity Epoxy Coating / Paint ST Two Pack


Infinity Epoxy Coating is unaffected by a broad spectrum of corrosive chemical and solvent exposure. It is specifically meant for protection against fumes, dust, and corrosion.

It is recommended for application in refineries, petrochemicals and pharmaceutical environments for metal and mild steel surfaces.


Uses : Recommended for use on steel structures, bridges, interior and exterior of storage tanks, bulk handling equipment, pipelines.


Product Data

Consistency : 60 – 70  Seconds With Ford Cup B4 at 27°C
Drying Time
A) S.D.: 1 – 2 hours | After Mixing Base & Hardener in the ratio of 3:1 by Volume
B) H.D.: 2 – 4 hours
C) Tack Free 0  /  N: 16 – 24 Hours
Finish    : Smooth And Glossy
Gloss Reading at 45 % A/H : 55 A / Head
Shade : White
Fineness Of Grind : 10 Microns
Non Volatile Matter : 60% + 3%
Force Drying at 65ºC for 20 Minutes : Can Be Force Dry at 65°C For 20 Minutes if fast production is required although it is air drying
Wt. Per 10 Litre In Kg. : 11.00 kg + 2%
Scratch Hardness : Passes The Test
Flexibility & Adhesion :
(½ Mandrel)
Spreading Capacity As Per IS101 :
(Chequer Board Method )
5-7 Sq. Mtr. Per. Litre.
25 Microns DFT
Resistance To Water : No Effect
Protection Against Corrosion : Passes The Test For More Than 7 Days
Under Condition Of Condensation
Resistance To Salt Spray : Passes The Test For More Than 5 Days
Shelf Life : One Year Under Properly Sealed Condition
Mixing Ratio : Mix Base & Hardener in the ratio 3:1 by volume, wait for 30 minutes minimum before spraying.
Ensure that the primed surface must be nail proof hard 20 – 25 %.  Epoxy Reducer 0682T is to be added before spraying .
Covering Capacity : 5 - 7 Sq. Metre per litre (DFT 30 Microns) Dry Film Thickness
Applications: Metal, Mild Steel Surfaces;
Ratio 3:1
Other Shades Available : White, CLEAR, Any RAL Shade, All other shades, Glossy Golden Yellow 360, PO Red, Golden Yellow, Stone Path, Jade Green, Cascade Green, Golden Brown, Light Grey, Smoke Grey, Black, Bus Green, Sky Blue, Phirozi, Dark Grey