1001 Fast Drying FD Enamel ST - FAST SET


Description :

 1001 Fast Drying FD Enamel ST- FAST SET is of the the top most quality fast drying alkyd based enamels on special synthetic medium, light fast and chalk resisting pigments.

Thinning :

The enamel is ready for use of brushing. For spraying add GLOSSY's General purpose Thinner to reduce the viscosity to 40-50 seconds.

Uses :

Ideal for all interior and exterior surfaces such as truck bodies, PEB sheds, sheet metal, castings, wood, transport and passenger vehicles, machinery, agricultural equipment and plasters Marine finishing coats for exterior (Super Structure) and interior Metal Areas.

Finish :

Smooth and Tough Elastic Film with High Gloss Solid Finish or metallic finish which lasts long under severe climatic conditions.

Application :

By brush/Roller/Spray.

Two coats are adequate.

Covering Capacity :

18-22 Sq. meters per litre per coat on a prepared surface.

Drying Time :

Surface Dry 7-10 minutes.

Hard Dry 6-8 Hours. (Depending on the conditions of temperature and humidity). Recoatable after overnight drying.

Color Range :

Vast Range of colors including White and Black.

Packing :

20Ltr, 4Ltr, 1Ltr, 500ml,

Highlights :

Durable & long lasting coating

Shelf Life :

12 Months

Flash Point :

Above 38°C

Undercoats :

1001 Red Oxide Metal Primer or ROZC Primers or 1001 Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer

 Application Areas :

Any surface metal, non metal or wooden & asbestos sheets etc.