DESCRIPTION:  Fluorescent Paint is a highly visible day time coating or when used under lights at night.
RECOMMENDED USES: Fluorescent Paint is ideal for use on skips, bollards, bicycles, ships, bridges and more to identify any hazardous objects.
It may be used over White Primer to get a better effect of fluorescence.
It is used by sign writers, stage crews and artists.
Fluorescent Paints are suitable for safety marking on Machinery, Trains, Trucks, and Fire Protection Equipments, and Painting of Hoardings.
Easy Application : Ready to use, for Art & Craft & paints work, Multi Surface Paint.
Quantity :  Set of 6 bottles x 50 ml each = 300 ml
Paint Medium : Acrylic Color
Number of Paint Shades per set: 6
Paint Application : Cardboard, Paper, Canvas , Woods, Terracota, Stone, Cloth,, Glass, Ceramics, Rocks, Metals
Container Type : Plastic Bottles
Number of Shades : 6 Shades
Other Paint Features : Excellent Covering,
Vibrant Colours,
No Medium Mixing Needed (Direct Application),
Non Toxic (Friendly for Kids).
Number of Coats: Minimum two coats of Fluorescent Paint are recommended.
Shades Available:

Rose pink, Orange, Golden Yellow, Green, Rocket Red, White

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