From Drab to Fab: Your House Painting Transformation!

Cement Paints

These provide a coating that assures effective  medium range protection against the weather.

Special additives equip them to stand up to the rigours of outside exposure. Available in a range of standard colours, adequately light-fast/fade-resistant, in matt finish.

A sound application of cement  paint, after proper surface preparation, can stretch your  repainting cycle to 5 years.



The outstanding strengths of their high acrylic content help keep their long term excellence intact in exterior use.

Given careful and correct surface preparation and priming, these create a tough, enduring coating with superb adhesion and flexibility.

Special  additives make them exceptionally resistant to algae, fungus   and atmospheric erosion.

And they open up colours of every hue for the outside of your home, fade resistant for years!


Textured Plasters 

Also emulsion based exterior finishing coats, Textured Plasters provide even stronger protection than Silk Emulsions, besides unusual visual appeal.

Their thick surface can be designer-patterned by sponging, stippling or patterned rollers.

Washable over and over, their attractive colours and patterns blend smartness with heavy duty protection.