Elite Quick Drying Synthetic Enamel

This is an economy enamel that is ideal for interior use. Its gives a glossy and durable finish

1001 Red Oxide Primer For Metals

It is anti-corrosive and protective primer,

Sparkling Metallic Designer Finish

Sparkling Metallic Designer Finish

Hammerite Hammertone Finish

Hammerite Hammertone Finish is single-pack one coat system.

1001 Aluminium Paint

1001 Super Aluminium Paint is an exterior protective coating based on special neutral

High Quality Epoxy Coating Paints

High Quality Epoxy Coating Paints

Hi Gloss Synthetic Enamel

1001 High Gloss Finish is a solvent-based finish suitable for the protection and decoration

Surfacer Primer White

 For protection of steel and woodwork surfaces and even on plastered brickworks.

Universal Metallics

GLOSSY PAINTS 1001 METALLIC is an attractive waterborne metallic finish