Stoving Black Paints For Air Filters

Description :

Stoving Paint is supplied in Single Pack System.

Thinning :

Stoving Thinner 023T

Uses :

On all metallic surface & non-metallic(after proper treatment).

Finish :

Smooth and Glossy.

Application :

Brush Or Spray.

Covering Capacity :

12-16 Sq. Metre with D.F.T. 25 Microns per Ltr.

Drying Time :

Baking Schedule- 120°C for 30 minutes; 10min flash off.

Color Range :

Black, any other shade on demand.

Packing :

1, 4 & 20 litres

Shelf Life :

6 Months (in packed original sealed Container)

Flash Point :

Above 25°C

Undercoats :

Use Stoving Primer Grey 023ME.

Directions of Use :

Stir Stoving Paint thoroughly and mix 3 Parts of the same to 1 Part of recommended Stoving Thinnner 023T