Epoxy Gloss Paint Stoving Finish High Bake

Description :

High bake epoxy gloss paint is specifically meant for refrigerators, machines & computer components.

Thinning :

Epoxy Thinner 0646T only

Uses :

All metallic surface.

Application :

By Spray or dip.

Covering Capacity :

14-18 Sq. Metrs. Per Ltr. with 25 Microns.

Drying Time :

At 175°C for 20minutes.

Color Range :

Any shade on request

Packing :

4 & 20 litres.

Highlights :

1001 shade cards for industrial finish and enamels.

Shelf Life :

6 Months

Flash Point :

Above 20°C

Undercoats :

Epoxy primer Stoving type.

Directions of Use :

add 10% epoxy thinner 0646T. Adjust spraying viscosity with ford cup b4- 25-28 seconds for dipping - 32-36 seconds

Application Areas :

On all metallic surfaces and glass/mirror etc ( which withstand temperature upto 180°C