Heat Resisting Aluminium Paints Upto 200°C

Description :

Our paint is totally based on pure Condensate and oleoresinous vehicles.This paint easily withstands Temperature upto 200°C

Thinning :

Synthetic Thinner 024T

Uses :

Light Alloys metallic surface like aluminium and tin sheets etc.

Finish :

Bright, Lustrious and glossy Finish

Application :

By Bruch or spray

Covering Capacity :

18 - 20Sq. Mtr. with 25Micron d.f.t.

Drying Time :

Surface dry…2 - 3.1/2Hrs. Hard Dry…8 - 12Hrs.Tack Free…24Hrs

Color Range :

Lustrous Silver

Packing :

20Ltrs, 4 Ltrs, 1 Ltrs, 500 ml, 200 ml, 100 ml ,50 ml

Highlights :

Heat resistant upto 150°C to 200°C.Smooth and Uniform and suitable for Brushing and Spraying.

Shelf Life :

1 Year ( If keep seperately)

Flash Point :

Above 35°C

Undercoats :

Not required

Application Areas :

On light alloys & metallic surfaces.