Technical Data Sheet

Ready Mix Paint for Road Marking of Specification IS:164/81 Grade I

ISI Marked to IS:164     (Under Licence No. CM/L-8137774)       (Solvent Thinnable)

This material is manufactured with lead free pigments and chemically inert extenders with special binder for marking on roads, highways and airports of bituminous surfaces without any sign of bleeding or blurring. This is a solvent based paint. Yellow and white materials are used for traffic control whereas black material is used for painting of kerb stones. The following salient features are citied below for use- 1 a. Drying time on bituminous surface (Road)         : 30 minutes to 1 hour
  1. Hard dry(21-38°C)                : 2 hours
  2. Mass in kg per 10 Litre : 14.3 kg ± 3%
  3. Consistency at TR : Smooth and uniform (50 to 60 seconds with ford cup B4)
  4. Finish              :  Matt to Semi – Glossy
  5. Application  : Suitable by brush without appreciable drag on the brush at room temperature of 21 -38°C with no sign of cracking, flaking or peeling off.
  6. Colour       : Close match to ISC Golden Yellow No. 356, Black, White
  7. Wet Opacity                           : 8 to 10 square metres per litre per coat
  8. Flash Point                          : Above 10°C
  9. Keeping Property : 6 months from the date of manufacturing under properly sealed conditions.