We manufacture all types of paints for all kinds of surfaces. Our products include decorative (interior and exterior wall paints), wall putty, industrial and OEM coatings, Epoxies, PU, automotive paints and putty, products for wood, enamels, zinc stiff paint, water proofing chemicals, varnishes, texture paints, primers, distempers, emulsions, IS 164 road-marking, tennis court and floor coatings, black IS 158 Elastomeric paint,  aerosol paints and much more!

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More Than 80 Years of Glossy Paints

We started in 1938, in Lahore, as a trading firm called ‘Sant Ram Nikka Mal’. We diversified into manufacturing with Anglo-Dutch Paints within a few years. Under the umbrella of the ‘Glossy’ Brand we run three plants in North India.

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We offer diversified Range of Interior Paints, Exterior Paints, Epoxies, PU, Tennis Court paints, Industrial Paints & OEM, Protective Coatings, Automotive Paints, Wood Finishes, Water proofing Chemicals and Other Allied Products.