Doors and windows, metal grills and furniture have a common type of paint for coating them : enamel paint.

But unlike furniture, doors and windows are embedded in walls making them susceptible to damp.

Only surface preparation requirements are different. Wooden surfaces and furniture may also be protected by synthetic clear finishes.

Synthetic Enamels 


Are alkyd resin based formulations that work equally well on wood, metal and even walls.

Besides a brilliant and smooth finish, they also provide very good protection against atmospheric corrosion, including rusting.

Premium Enamels 


Are extremely tough, provide long protection and mirror-like finish.

They withstand extereme climatic changes and can be used both inside and outside.

General Purpose Enamels 


Are also tough, provide a durable and pleasing, though less glossy finish.

They are not recommended for exterior surfaces.

Two coats of a general purpose enamel give good long term protection for hardworking surfaces where durability and economy are chiefly wanted.

Polyurethane & Melamine Finishes 


Are the modern alternative to old-fashioned varnishes, these are synthetic, and provide an extremely tough, transparent protective coating.

They allow the beauty of the wood grains to show through.

But unlike varnishes, they are to easy to maintain and stand up to rigorous wear and tear, heat and liquid and stains.

Available in both matt and glossy finishes, they can be used on a wide variety of wooden surfaces including furniture old and new and cane.