Coal Tar Epoxy Two Pack

  • Coal Tar Epoxy Paint Black (Two Pack) is supplied in two parts (Separate Containers) : Base and Hardener.
  • Mix Base and Hardener in a 3:1 ratio by volume (3 parts Base : 1 part Hardener).
  • Induction Time: Allow the mixed material to sit for 30 minutes (1/2 hour) before applying the coating.
  • Cured Film: The cured coating offers excellent corrosion resistance, water resistance (either hot or chilled), and durability.

Few characteristic are cited below:-

1. Finish : Semi Glossy
2. Consistency : Smooth & Uniform
3. Viscosity at 300C B4 Cup : 80 - 120 Sec. (at 270C)
4. Covering Capacity as per IS: 101 16-20 Sq. Mts. Per liter with 30 – 35 Microns DFT (Dry film Thickness)
5. Drying Time of mixed material

(Base + Hardener) :

a) S.D. (Surface Dry) : 2-4 hours

b) H.D. (Hard Dry ) : 6-8 hours

c) T.F. (Tack Dry) : 24 hours

6. Weight per 10 Ltr. in Kg. : 10.5 to 12.00 +0.5.%
7. Scratch hardness after 72 hours of curing : Passes the load of 1.5 Kg.
8. Flexibility and Adhesion : No damage or detection of cracking of film visible.


9. Protection against  corrosion: No sign of corrosion or loss of adhesive coatings on any spot formation located even after 4 days of continuous exposure of painted plates to baffled spray of salt solution
10. Salt Spray Test : No blisters or any sign located even after 4 days of continuous exposure of painted plates to baffled spray of salt solution.
11. Resistance to Warm Water at 450C for 4 Hours : No fading, flaking or chip off of the Film.
12. Flash Point : Above 250C
13. Shelf Life : Minimum one year from the date of manufacture


Application Recommendations:

  • Recommended Undercoat: For optimal weather and corrosion resistance, apply Epoxy Two Pack Red Oxide Primer as a base coat before using Coal Tar Epoxy Paint Black (Two Pack).
  • Surface Preparation: Ensure the surface is clean and free from laitance, grease, oil, moisture, and rust. Completely remove all rust particles. Degreasing is highly recommended for proper adhesion.
  • Degreasing: Degreasing is highly recommended to achieve proper adhesion. Use non-flammable chemicals or sandblasting for optimal cleaning.
  • Pot Life: Mixed material (Base, Hardener, and Reducer 0682T) has a pot life of 4 hours. After this time, the mixture will become unusable and must be disposed of properly.