1001 Fire Retardant Paint SGS01 is a solvent based high viscous Intumescent Paint.  It is formulated so as to resist fire on concrete, mild steel, wood and electrical ducts for 90 to 120 minutes.
It has the following characteristics-
Colour :                                             White or Grey
Solid contents (% by mass):           75 ± 2 %
Specific Gravity:                              1.5 ± 1%
Recommended Film Thickness:      800 to 1500 microns  (depending on suitability and application conditions.)
Flash Point:                                        20°C
 Gloss:                                                Matt to Eggshell
Drying at room temperature:           Touch dry – 3 hours max
Hard dry – 8 hours max
Tack Free – overnight
Pencil Hardness:                               Passes 1.5 kg load after 72 hours
Covering:                                           5 square metres per litre per coat
 Storage Life :                                    1 year under sealed conditions
Fire Test (After 15 days) :                    120 minute test passes with fire blower (subject to 2 kg per sq/mt with base and top coat)
Pack Sizes:     1 L, 4 L, 20 L
Surface Preparation: The surface should be properly primed with suitable primer.
Application Conditions:  Minimum temperature at 10°C and relative humidity 20 – 85%.
Recoating Interval:  Atleast 8 hours till paint dries.
Application : Use airless spray for application.
On Concrete Substrates :
1001 Primer Surfacer White ST 1 to 2 coats
1001 Fire Retardant Paint ST SGS01 (Top Coat) Multiple coats till optimum thickness is achieved
  On Wooden Substrates :
1001 Wood PS Primer ST  1 to 2 coats
1001 Fire Retardant Paint ST SGS01 (Top Coat) Multiple coats till optimum thickness is achieved
  On Mild Steel Substrates :
 1001 Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer 16% ST 2  to 3 coats
 1001 Fire Retardant Paint ST SGS01 (Top Coat) Multiple coats till optimum thickness is achieved
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