Specialised Coatings Range by Glossy Paints

1001 Anti-Carbonation Paint


Description of 1001 Anti-Carbonation Paint :-

1001 Anti-Carbonation Paint is a water based, acrylic coating, for protection of concrete structures from the carbonation process.

It is an elastic coating that protects the concrete from chloride ion ingress and also slows the passage of water vapor.

The thick layer of the 1001 GLOSSY Anti-Carbonation Paint acts as a barrier, and does not allow the CO2 and other contaminants to penetrate the concrete surface.


Advantages of 1001 Anti-Carbonation Paint

• Anti-carbonation treatment
• Protects concrete against chloride ion ingress.
• Ability to seal hairline cracks formed.
• Water proofing of concrete.


Areas of Application: –

  • Bridges,
  • Buildings Car parks,
  • Reinforces columns,
  • soffits and beams
  • Almost every concrete structure


Technical Specifications:-

This is an approximate coverage.

Actual coverage obtained will depend on lots of factors including quality of surface, skill of application, which is beyond our control.

1001 GLOSSY Anti-Carbonation Paint does not offer any guaranty on the actual coverage obtained.

Appearance White

CO2 diffusion resistance equivalent air thickness more than 250 M DFT Approx 200 microns (2 coats)

Crack bridging ability Up to 2.0 mm

Base Acrylic Polymer Approximate Coverage 9.5SQ.M/LTR /Coat (Required 2 coats)


Suggested Application Procedure:-

1. Prepare the surface to be treated by repairing the cracks, voids, depressions, etc and thoroughly cleaning it and making it free from dust, dirt, oil, and loose particles wash the surface with water.
2. Primer Coat: Mix Glossy Crete /Glossy Wall sealer with clean potable water in the ratio of 2:1 and apply it on the concrete/plaster surface with a brush in a uniform way. This is the primer coat.
3. Approximately 2 hours after the application of the primer coat, apply 1001 Glossy Anti-Carbonation Paint on the concrete surface uniformly without any mixing or dilution.
4. Allow 2-3 hours for the first coat to dry.
5. Once the first coat is dry, apply second coat of 1001 Glossy Anti-Carbonation Paint in a similar manner.
6. Allow the second coat to dry for 3 hours before further activity.


Recommended Storage: –

1001 Glossy Anti-Carbonation Paint should be stored in clean and covered surroundings and it should be stored in a way that there is no physical damage to the can during storage.

It should be stored between 10°C – 40°C and avoid exposure to sunlight.


Shelf life 24 months from the date of packaging.