Chloronated Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer

Description :

Epoxy Paint Red Oxide is supplied in Two separate containers, namely Base for A/Drying Epoxy Paint Base & Hardner are to be mixed in the ratio of 4:1 (BASE: HARDNER: 4:1) by volume and wait for 1/2 hours before applying the coating.

Care is to be taken that the mixed material is to be consumed within 3-4 hours because mixed material has got limited pot life.

Application of Primer should be followed with a coat of Epoxy Finishing Paint (2 Pack).

Dry Film Thickness (D.F.T) of 60 to 70 Microns should be achieved after Epoxy Paint Primer Followed by Epoxy Finishing.

Finish :

Egg-Shell/ Matt

Drying Time :

Surface Dry-2 to 4 Hrs.,

Hard Dry- 6 to 8 Hrs,

Tack Free - Overnight

Shelf Life :

Minimum one year after date of manufacture. (In separate sealed containers)


Key Features:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance for steel
  • Suitable for harsh environments and chemical exposure
  • Provides a strong base coat for epoxy finishes
  • Easy application
  • Long shelf life (in separate containers)


  • Industrial structures and equipment
  • Chemical plants
  • Oil and gas facilities
  • Bridges and other exposed steelwork


Please Note:

This product requires mixing before use.

Ensure proper ventilation and wear recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) while handling and applying.

For more information on proper use and safety precautions, refer to the product Technical Data Sheet available on request.


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