Super Glossycem

Description :

Super GLOSSYCEM is very economical and ideal decorative Wall Finish for exterior and interior surfaces. It is based on the finest white cement and high grade pigments.

Thinning :

Smooth, water repellant finish.

Uses :

Ideal for interior and exterior surfaces like sand faced plasters, abestos cement sheets, concrete brick work etc. should not be used over enamels or black paints.

Finish :

Add one litre of water per Kg of GLOSSYCEM.

Application :

By brush Two coats are adequate.

Covering Capacity :

4-6 Sq. meters per Kg per coat on a prepared surface.

Drying Time :

Sets after 6-8 hours prior to application of each coat and at the end of the day surface should be wetted with water. No Primer needed for sand faced plasters, cement sheets and concrete bricks.

Color Range :

Vast Range of colors including White and dark shades.

Packing :

50 Kg, 25Kg, 5Kg Bags. Shelf Life: 12 Months.

Highlights :

It is manufactured under ISI marking Licence from Indian Standard Institution and each batch is tested under strict IS specifications before it is sold in the market. This ensures the highest quality in each bag.

Shelf Life :

One Year under sealed conditions

Undercoats :


Application Areas :

exterior brick works & plastered surfaces.