Anticorrosion Epoxy Primer 2K

Glossy Anticorrosion Epoxy Primer 2K


Product description

Glossy's Anticorrosion Epoxy Primer 2K comes with excellent anticorrosion properties, outstanding chemical resistance and good adhesion over steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel and suitable substrates.

To reach optimum performance of Glossy Paint systems, surface should be thoroughly cleaned and degreased.


Surface to be painted is best prepared by blast cleaning for maximum durability and optimum paint usage. Alternatively, mechanical sanding with P180 D/A or manually with Scotch-Brite. Can also be carried out before and after sanding the surface must be degreased with Glossy degreaser 3 in one. Galvanized steel should be previously degreased with Glossy 3 in one degreaser and then sanded with P320 Empery Paper


Aluminium Surface should be etched primed or flatted before epoxy primer follows.


Products Required for this 2K Epoxy Primer System

(1) Glossy 2k Epoxy Base

(2) Glossy Epoxy Hardener

(3) Glossy 0682T Thinner


Method of application

Mix epoxy primer, Base & Hardener, in the ratio of 3 : 1 by volume.

Wait for 20 minutes as maturing time.  Adjust spraying viscosity between 17 – 20  seconds with cup B4 at 27ºC


Pot life at 27ºC - 4 to 6 hours


Apply 2 coats to give dry film thickness of 50 -70 microns DFT.

Flash off time 10 -15  minutes between coats for 20 -30 minutes before baking


Air dry at 20ºC

Dust Free : 45 minutes – 1 hours

Tack free  :  3 – 4 hours

Hard dry   :  16 – 24 hours


Force dry at 60ºC

Hard dry : 30 minutes

Machine sanding ( after Hard dry ) Emery Paper 240 / finer must be carried out before recoating


Recoat Time

Can be recoated after 3 – 24 hours at 20º C. but sanding must be done before recoating for best appearance, allow to fully dry before recoating. Drying time will depend on film thickness and drying conditions. The longer drying  time, the better final appearance.

Good ventilation must be provided in the working environment.