1001 Stipple Paint ST

1001 Stipple Paint is a Solvent Based protective coating applied to metal surfaces to give a stippling effect.

Stippling means a pattern with small dots to give a textured effect.


Description :  A solvent based coating for protecting metal against corrosion
Thinning : Use 1001 Reducer for stipple paint to thin the paint by 10%
Uses : Ideal for all interior and exterior surfaces such as sheet metal, castings,transport and passenger vehicles, machinery, agricultural equipment and exterior (Super Structure) and interior Metal Areas.
Finish : Stippling Effect with Matt or Gloss finish
Application : By spray only. Two coats are adequate.
Highlights : Durable & lasting coating
Drying Time : Surface Dry 15 to 20 minutes.

Hard Dry 6-8 Hours.

(Depending on the conditions of temperature and humidity).

Recoatable after overnight drying.
Color Range : Vast Range of colours as per RAL shade card or Enamel Shade cards
Packing :  20 L, 4 L, 1 L 
Undercoats : For Longer Life use 1001 Epoxy Zinc Rich or 1001 Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer.
For Economical purposes, use 1001 Red Oxide Metal Primer or Synthetic Zinc Phosphate Primer.
Shelf Life : 12 Months
Flash Point : Above 38°C
Method of Application:  Thin the paint with 1001 Reducer for Stipple Paint. 
The paint requires thinning by 10%. Apply the thinned paint by spray only. 
The required stipple texture will appear only when the spraying viscosity is maintained on the higher side.