Code: AerRDSB4  (Single Pack for Industrial Use)

Technical Data Sheet

It is better known as black smokestack coating being manufactured with superfine high heat and corrosion resistant black pigments properly dispersed in silicone vehicles, which resist heat upto 600oC (either continuous or intermittent exposure to heat). It is a unique industrial and maintenance heat resistance coating.

  1. Type Single pack
  2. Composition Black pigments in silicones
  3. Temperature Resistance upto 600oC
  4. Theoretical Coverage 15 square metre per litre with 25-35 microns DFT
  5. A) Drying Time  :                                               Touch Dry –      1 hour

Hard Dry   –   4 to 6 hours

Tack free   –   Over Night

  1. B) This special coating is first subjected to temperature ranging between 150 – 180ºC for one hour before handling or stocking for better and lasting finish. Afterwards the coated surface / objects may raise temperature slowly up to 600ºC for one hour in case of lab testing.
  2. Recoating After 30 minutes Flash off in air, bake the same at 180 – 220ºC for 1 hour
  3. Colour Egg Shell Black
  4. Flash Point Above 25oC
  5. Storage Life Six months in Original sealed container
  6. Application By brush or Spray
  7. Finish Smooth and Egg Shell Black
  8. Surface Preparation Surface should be cleaned and rust free, preferably use blast cleaning or alternatively do manual cleaning
  9. Over Coat Minimum two coats are recommended for better performance
  10. End Users Exhaust Manifolds boiler doors, smokestacks electrical equipments etc.
  11. Packing 1 L,  4 L, 20 L