High Quality Anticorrosive Black Matt Finish H.R. UP TO 800ºC

It is better known as Black Anti corrosive Coating with maximum thermal stability.

It is manufactured with high quality inorganic anti corrosive pigment black and inert extenders with silicone as main vehicles.

It is an unique industrial and maintenance heat resistance single coat matt finish paint.


Thinning :      Glossy Thinner 014HST 
Uses :      Where High Heat resisting coating is required
Finish : Smooth and one coat matt finish 
Application          :      By brush or Spray 
Covering Capacity : 18 – 20 sq. mtr. Per liter with 25 – 30 microns d.f.t.
Drying time         :      Touch Dry – 1 Hr.
Hard Dry – 4-6 Hrs.
Tack Free – Over Night 
Color Range        :      Matt Black 
Packing               :      1 litre, 4 litre only 
Shelf life              :      Six Months in Original sealed container
Undercoats          :      Self
Main Fields of Application : Machine-components, engine manifolds, car, exhaust Silencer smokestacks, electrical equipment & dry units etc.