It is a bitumen based coating for lining drinking water tanks. It is ROHS compliant.
i)          Drying Time – hard dry            :        6 – 8 Hours
ii)         Consistency                             :      Smooth, Uniform and suitable for application by brush
iii)        Finish                                        :           Semi gloss to egg shell
iv)        Wet opacity                              :         20 to 25 sq. meter Per liter per coat
v)         Colour                                      :         Black
vi)        Flexibility and adhesion            :     No visible damage after 96 hours of air-drying – Passes the test
vii)       Stripping test                            :    No sign of jagged edges- Passes the test
viii)      Protection against corrosion     : No sign of corrosion under conditions of condensation and passes the test
ix)        Volatile matter, percent by mass, Maximum      : 50 % by mass
x)         Resistance to acid                     :          1:20 volume by volume (v/v) Sulphric acid dilute solution for 24 hours Passes the Test
xi)        Resistance to alkali                   :           Passes the Test  (5% solution of anhydrous Sodium Carbonate M/V for 4 hours):Passes the Test
xii)       Flash Point ºC, Minimum          :           37ºC
xiii)      Keeping properties                    :           One year from the date of Manufacturing
xiv)      Heat Resisting                          :           Passes the test at 300ºC
xv) Lead Free and ROHS Compliant :              No added lead & Chromium
xvi) Application Areas                         :               For painting water tanks