Elite Distemper

Description :

Elite Distemper is an economical water based paint of  butter like consistency made from good quality emulsions. 

Thinning and Clean Up:

Add a little water to the material, stir thoroughly till a smooth creamy consistency results. Add some more water. Total water added should not be more than half the weight of the paint.

Uses :

Ideal coating for interior decoration of houses, plastered walls, brick work, concrete and asbestos surfaces etc.

Finish :

Matt finish.

Application :

By brush/Roller/Spray. Surfaces should be free from efflorescence. Old paint/Lime should be removed by scraping or rubbing down and the surface should be free from loose and flaking materials.
Pack sizes:  20 kg

Drying Time :

Surface dry 1 hour. Recoatable after 8-12 hours. Normally two coats are enough.

Colour Range :

As per shade card.
Shelf Life:  18 months
Characteristics:  Eco-Friendly paint at economical prices. Odour free. Non-inflammable.


Use Glossy Water Thinnable Wall Primer