Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer

1001 Epoxy Primer is a two pack chemical resistant system ideally designed for offering superior performances in highly corrosive, chemical and coastal environments.


The surface to be painted should free from dust, oil, grease etc. Mix the base and Hardener in the ratio of  4:1 by volume (0.800ml of Base and of 0.200ml of Hardener makes 1 litre) and allow it to mature for 10-15 minutes. Apply a coat of the suitable Epoxy Primer and allow it to dry for 6-8 hours. Then apply 2 coats of the 1001 Epoxy Paint, giving an interval of 6-8 hours between each coat.

Use 1001 Epoxy Thinner for thinning.

CAUTIOIN :  Use the mixed paint within 2-3 hours.


Description :

A two-pack anti-corrosive epoxy primer for use on steel surfaces, It is designed to offer superior performance in highly corrosive chemical and coastal environments. It can be overcoated with epoxy, chlororubber and polyurethane top coats. Apart from a history of success in refineries, fertilizer, chemical and other plants, it can also be applied on tank exteriors, equipment, pipelines, structural steel, etc.

Thinning :

Epoxy Thinner 0682T only

Uses :

All metallic & non-metallic surface.

Finish :

Low sheen

Application :

By Spray Only

Covering Capacity :

15-18 sq. metres per litre with 30-35 DFT micron

Drying Time :

Touch dry : 1 hour. Dry to handle : 4 hours Hard dry : Overnight

Color Range :

White/Grey/Red Oxide.

Packing :

1, 4 & 20 litres.

Highlights :

Consume mixed material within 4hrs (4 Parts of base to 1 part of hardener).

Shelf Life :

12 Months

Flash Point :

Above 25°C

Undercoats :


Application Areas :

On all metallic surfaces.