Elite Artists Acrylic Metallic Colours Set (Multicolour set) (50ml each) – Multi-Surface

Unleash your creativity with a dazzling spectrum of colors!

The Elite Artists Acrylic Metallic Colors Set boasts a stunning collection of 12 vibrant metallic shades, each in a convenient 50ml tube. This versatile paint set is perfect for artists of all levels, allowing you to add a touch of luminous shine to your artwork on a variety of surfaces.


  • Fine art painting
  • Decorative art
  • Mixed media projects
  • Crafts and DIY projects
  • Lettering and signage
  • Embellishments and accents


Technical Details:

Paint Type:  Acrylic
Finish:  Metallic
Number of Colours:  12
Colour Volume:  50ml per bottle (12 bottles x 50 ml each = Total 600 ml)
Suitable for:  Multi-surface (canvas, wood, fabric, paper, metal, stone, terracotta, concrete, brick, walls, POP, etc.)
Available Box Sets:  Set of 6, 8 or 12 shades
Container Type: Plastic Bottles
Easy Application: Ready to use. For Art, Craft & Paint Work. Multi – surface application.


Key Features:

Brilliant Metallic Effects:  These richly pigmented paints offer exceptional vibrancy and opacity, ensuring your metallic creations stand out.
Unmatched Versatility:  Create stunning art on virtually any surface imaginable, from canvas and wood to fabric, paper, and even walls!
Smooth Application:  The creamy consistency allows for effortless blending, brushwork, and detailed work.
Fast Drying:  Get back to layering and detailing quickly with the paint’s fast drying time.
Water-Based and Non-Toxic:  These acrylic paints are easy to clean up with soap and water and are safe for artists of all ages.
Excellent Coverage:  A little goes a long way with these high-coverage paints.
Fade-Resistant Colours:  Your artwork will retain its brilliance for years to come.


Additional Tips:

  • Prime your surface with acrylic primer for optimal paint adhesion, especially on non-porous surfaces.
  • These paints can be thinned with water to create washes or glazes for a watercolour-like effect.
  • Experiment with mixing different metallic colors to achieve unique and personalised shades.
  • To preserve the metallic sheen and protect your artwork, apply a coat of varnish once your masterpiece is dry.


With the Elite Artists Acrylic Metallic Colors Set, your creative potential is limitless!


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