Surfacer White

Description : 1001 Primer Surfacer is a general purpose White primer, suitable for top coating with white or light color enamels.
Thinning : Use Glossy's general purpose ( Reducer 024T )
Uses : Ideal for all metallic surfaces and wood works
Finish : Smooth Eggshell/Matt.
Application : By Brush/Spray/Roller.
covering capicity : 10-12 Sq. meters per litre per coat at 20-25 Mtr. film thickness by brushing on sheet metal.
Drying time : Surface Dry 30-45 minutes. Hard Dry 4 Hours. Recoatable after 4 hours.
Color Range : White
Packing : 20Ltr, 15Ltr, 10Ltr, 4Ltr, 1Ltr, 500ml.
Highlights : Finish coats follows after 8 hrs.
shelf life : 12 Months.
Undercoats : Self.
Application areas : All metallic alloys or non-alloys, wooden and cementous surfaces