Gloseal Water Proofing Compound

Description : Gloseal is a reliable, economical anti seepage and anti-damp water proofing compound having pronounce effect to overcome capillary formation and help in quick setting of curing of cement.

It is absolutely essential to mix in concrete use, for example tanks, reservoirs, roofs, sewers etc. and also renderings and stucco.

To obtain waterproof dense concrete the following must be adhered to high-class portland cement of guaranteed quality, using non-porous aggregates, correct ratio of sand, aggregate cement, Right consistency and curing.

Along with these the best precaution to take is add 2% of Gloseal to the cement or 1kg Gloseal for every 50kg of white Cement.

Careful mixing of water proofing compound with the cement is most important for best results.

Thinning : Water Only.
Uses : Ideal for concrete / brick works only.
Finish : Not defined
Application : by trowel on White or grey cement.
covering capicity : For Chemical reaction
Drying time : Reducing setting Time of Grey Cement
Color Range : White only.
Packing : 20 kg & 1 kg only.
Highlights : Not defined
Shelf life : 12 Months.
Undercoats : Not required
Application areas : For mason works only