White Primer for Fluorescent Paint is applied over a white ground coat to achieve maximum fluorescence of colour.

Fluorescent Paints have a limited colour-fastness and are not recommended for overall refinishing or when long colour-fastness is required.

White Primer for Fluorescent Paint is not recommended for use in high UV environments or direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

No warranty is offered on this product against colour fade.


SURFACE PREP : Surface must be clean & dry with white ground coat 
MIXING RATIO : 60% : 40% (1.5 part to 1 part) with Glossy Paints Reducer.
Stir contents thoroughly 
NUMBER OF COATS : 2-3 medium wet coats 
CONVENTIONAL – GUN SETUP : 1.2~1.4 Fluid tip .
20~45 psi Air pressure .
15~25 cm Spray distance .
15~20 cm Fan size .
HVLP – GUN SETUP : 1.2~1.4 Fluid tip .
20~30 psi Air pressure .
10~15 cm Spray distance .
10~15 cm Fan size .
FLASH TIME @ 25˚C : 10 min between coats .
30-min Clear coat .
CURE TIMES @ 25˚C : Dust Free: 10 min.
Air Dry: 20 ~ 30 min.
THEORETICAL COVERAGE : 8~10 m2 per litre 
POT LIFE : Not Applicable 
SPRAYING VISCOSITY : Ford 4 Cup: >20 sec 
SAFETY : Always wear appropriate safety clothing, gloves & breathing apparatus 
SDS : Observe all safety precautions in relation to this product’s Material Safety Data Sheet 
CLEAN UP : Clean equipment with Gun Wash, Reducer or Thinners 
STORAGE : 1 Year in cool, dry conditions 



  1. Prepare your base as you would most other substrates. For steel substrate use a white ground coat.
  2. Apply 2 to 3 coats. Each fresh coat should be applied after the previous coat dries up. Wet on Wet Coat is not recommended.
  3. Allow flash off time of minimum 15-30 minutes between application of each coat.



CLEANING : Thoroughly clean the surface using a wax and grease remover with Special Glossy Paints Reducer.
SUBSTRATE : Primed and suitably prepared surface. White Primer for Fluorescent Paint requires a white ground coat before application. 
PREPARATION : Sand blasting of the surface is recommended, if possible. If Sand Blasting is not possible, then 3 in 1 Glossy Paints Rust Remover is also recommended.
MIXING : Reduce 60%:40% (1.5 part to 1 part) with Glossy Paints Reducer 
SPRAYING : Strain mixed paint into a paint gun. Allow 15 to 30 minutes flash off time between each coat.
White Primer for Fluorescent Paint should dull off and be dry to touch before the next coat.
Dry time varies with temperatures. 
FLASH OFF : Allow 10 minutes between coats. 
CURING TIME @ 25°C:  Dust Free: 10 min.
Touch Dry: 15-20 min.
Air Dry: 20-30 min.
FINAL CLEAR COAT: Clear Coat is recommended (optional).
After Hard Drying of White Primer for Fluorescent Paint, then apply Clear Coat.



∙ Always check you have the latest Technical Data Sheet

∙ Always buy enough product to complete the entire job

∙ Products are for Professional Use Only

∙ You must always spray out a test panel and fully test prior to commencing any job to determine suitability, final finish and overall appearance.

∙ All information and data provided is given in good faith and intended as a general guide only for use by qualified professional painters and Glossy Paint will not accept liability as a result of any failure or lack of expertise on the part of the applicator, condition of substrates, lack of preparation, use of incompatible materials, equipment failure, use of incorrect equipment or any other reason beyond the control of Glossy Paints.