Glossy 1001 Black Board Paint is an alkyd based dead matt paint, specially developed for the applications on black boards or chalk board surfaces. It has excellent abrasion and mar resistances. It is a solvent based paint.

It provides a smooth dead matt finish with excellent washability and adhesion. On applying Glossy 1001 Black Board Paint on the chalk board, the surface can easily be cleaned, without retaining any chalk marks on the surface. Writing on this board will make it easies now.


Shades Available : Black, Green

Pack Sizes: 20 litre, 4 litre, 1 litre, 500 ml, 200 ml




It is mostly used for the application of black boards or chalk boards in schools, colleges etc. It can also be used for the applications of drawing boards, graphic boards, notice boards etc. It is suitable for the applications on surfaces like wood, metal, concrete, etc. with suitable primer. It is used for only air-drying applications.

Bring Your Ideas to Life with Our Premium Blackboard Paint!

Unleash your creativity and transform any space with our high-performance Blackboard Paint! Perfect for homes, classrooms, restaurants, offices, and even kids’ rooms, this versatile paint lets you create writable surfaces that are both functional and stylish.


Here’s what makes our 1001 Black Board Paint stand out:

Classic Look, Endless Uses: Our rich, black, matte finish creates a timeless chalkboard aesthetic, ideal for everything from grocery lists and inspirational messages to artistic masterpieces.

Multi-Surface Application: Breathe new life into old furniture, create a dedicated message board on your wall, or design a play area for the kids.

Effortless Writing, Easy Cleaning: The smooth yet slightly textured surface allows for crisp chalk writing that erases cleanly with a simple swipe of a duster.

Built to Last: Our durable formula is specially designed to withstand repeated use, ensuring your chalkboard remains functional and beautiful for years to come.

Safe for Your Home: We prioritize your safety. 1001 Black Board Paints are safe to use.




Unleash a World of Possibilities: (WHERE YOU CAN USE THIS!)

With Blackboard Paint, the possibilities are endless.


A message center in your kitchen for grocery lists and meal plans.
A creative play area for the kids to spark their imagination.
A stylish accent wall to showcase menus in your restaurant or inspirational quotes in your office. 
A dedicated brainstorming space for collaborative projects.


Technical Specs Matter!

For detailed technical information on drying times, coverage rates, and suitable surfaces, kindly contact us.


Shelf Life 36 months from packaging


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