Resene Color Wood

Description :

Interior Wood Stain Resene Waterborne Colorwood is an exciting way of treating natural timbers and enhancing the grain. Gives coloured timbers with the see-through look as it allows the natural grain of all timbers to show through.

Thinning :

Thin with Resene Waterborne Colorwood Reducing Base; clean up in water when wet and mineral turps when dry but uncured

Uses :

• Canework • Cork • Doors • Dressed and rough sawn timber • Fibre and particleboard • Furniture • Kitset and nursery furniture • Panelling • Rope • Timber (imported and native) • Timber ceilings and beams • Window and door frames

Finish :

Low sheen

Application :

Best applied by brush. The finished colour is influenced by the colour of the timber itself. Always test Resene Waterborne Colorwood on a small off-cut of timber to ensure you are achieving the desired colour. If the selected colour is too strong, reduce only with Resene Waterborne Colorwood Reducing Base. The colour strength will be determined by the length of time the stain is left before the excess is wiped off. This will also vary between dense and absorbent timber. 1. Apply one full coat of Resene Waterborne Colorwood and wipe off excess with a dry absorbent cloth, rubbing with the grain. 2. Fill up all nail holes with filler or putty matched to the appropriate colour. 3. Apply three coats of varnish. If using Resene Qristal Clear Polyurethane (see Data Sheet D52), a first coat of Resene Qristal Clear Poly-Flat is recommended to ensure best holdout. Allow 12 hours between coats. For best results, wipe excess Resene Waterborne Colorwood off with a dry, absorbent and lint-free cloth, rubbing along the grain. This also ensures maximum adhesion of topcoats.

Covering Capacity :

10-14 sq. metres per litre

Drying Time :

4 hours

Color Range :

32 standard; range of traditional wood finishes, limed and bright colours – see the Resene Waterborne Colorwood colour chart

Highlights :

Performance 1. Ease of application and long wet edge ensures no lapmarks. 2. All colours can be intermixed. 3. Available in bright colours to give an extra dimension to timber. 4. May be overcoated with Resene Aquaclear (see Data Sheet D59), Resene Qristal Polyurethane (see Data Sheet D52) or Resene Polythane (see Data Sheet D53). 5. An Environmental Choice approved product. Limitations 1. Stir well before use. Allow adequate drying before applying varnish. 2. Strong colours may be hard to achieve on hardwood and heart timber due to lack of penetration. 3. Where penetration of the stain is difficult the dry time will be affected. 4. Resene Waterborne Colorwood is designed to penetrate the surface and any excess must be wiped off. Failure to do so could result in lower adhesion of the subsequent varnish, especially Resene Polythane (see Data Sheet D53). 5. Allow 24 hours drying before overcoating with Resene Qristal Polyurethane (see Data Sheet D52) or 48 hours with Resene Polythane (see Data Sheet D53) or Resene Aquaclear (see Data Sheet D59).

Directions of Use :

Sand down thoroughly with fine paper and dust down. Ensure surface is free from oil, grease and glue. Any mark on the timber surface will show through Resene Waterborne Colorwood. Caution Sanding dusts from some hardwoods are considered carcinogenic and all old timber sanding dusts should be considered potentially harmful. Always wear an efficient dust mask.