Universal Stainer

Description : 1001 Premium Stainer are highly concentrated pigment dispersions. They can be used to obtain pleasing shades from most of the solvent and water based paints.
Thinning : As suitable with the paint.
Uses : Recommended for tinting in all types of paints like cement paint, Lime Wash, Acrylic Washable Distemper, Plastic Emulsion, Flat Oil Paints, Air drying enamels. They can be used with stoving paints but they are likely to change certain properties which should be taken into consideration before use. They are not suitable for chlorinated rubber paints, Epoxy paints - all water base and synthetic base materials.
Finish : Not defined
Application : For shade matching
covering capicity : it is for tinting purpose
Drying time : No effect on drying of the base where desired shade is to make.
Color Range : 8 colors including Black.
Packing : 200ml, 100ml, 50ml plastic bottles.
Highlights : Not defined
shelf life : 2 Years.
Undercoats : Not required
Application areas : A All decorative and water based paints