Resene Pearl Shimmer

Description :

Resene Pearl Shimmer is an acrylic pearlescent glaze ideal for creating shimmering wall finishes and softly sparkled features to add visual interest and diversity to any colour scheme. Resene Pearl Shimmer is always used in conjunction with a basecoat tinted to a selected colour. The choice of basecoat will depend on whether it is an interior or exterior application. Resene Pearl Shimmer may be applied over a wide variety of substrates, including trim and joinery, offering the user an almost infinite selection of colours.

Thinning :

Water; in hot dry conditions may be thinned with up to 5% Resene Hot Weather Additive

Uses :

• Architraves • Bathrooms • Cementitious surfaces • Furniture • Kitchens • Laundries • Paperfaced plasterboard • Plywood • Skirtings • Timber doors • Wallboards • Window frames

Finish :

Pearlescent glaze

Application :

Apply by spray or brush. In hot conditions thin with up to 5% Resene Hot Weather Additiver. If a paint effects finish is required any of the techniques in the Resene Paint Effects brochure may be used or you may prefer to brush Resene Pearl Shimmer on in a random criss-cross manner until the desired effect is achieved. If a uniform surface finish is desired, spray application is recommended. While the product may also be applied by roller, it is recommended that roller application is used on textured surfaces only. Brushing is suitable for small areas or when paint effect finishes are desired. The use of a textured basecoat, a well-planned lighting scheme and/or a curved surface will accentuate the pearlescent effect. The final appearance will also depend on the basecoat colour and the method of application. Special effects can be created by varying film thicknesses. Always prepare and agree on a sample panel before commencing work. New - Prepare and prime as above. Undercoat with two full coats of a Resene acrylic basecoat, such as Resene Lumbersider (see Data Sheet D34), in your chosen colour. Allow two hours to dry. Apply one coat of Resene Pearl Shimmer. Repaint - Prepare surface and spot prime as above. Undercoat with two full coats of a Resene acrylic basecoat, such as Resene Lumbersider (see Data Sheet D34), in your chosen colour. Allow two hours to dry. Apply one coat of Resene Pearl Shimmer. Resene Pearl Shimmer may be applied direct over an existing sound surface.

Covering Capacity :

10-40 sq. metres per litre dependent on surface and technique

Drying Time :

45 minutes at 18°C

Color Range :

Translucent pearl - filters the basecoat colour through the pearlescent glaze to give a unique finish

Highlights :

Performance 1. Unique shimmering effect may be applied to almost any existing substrate or coating. 2. Excellent adhesion to Resene waterborne basecoats. 3. Suitable for exterior and interior application, including wet areas and trim and joinery. 4. Non-yellowing. 5. Clean, spatter free application. 6. An Environmental Choice approved product. Limitations 1. Do not apply at temperatures below 10°C or when it is liable to drop below 10°C during the drying period. 2. Ensure the correct primers and/or sealers are used. 3. Use in conjunction with a tinted waterborne basecoat for maximum pearlescent effect. 4. Effect depends on type and strength of incident light, and film thickness.

Directions of Use :

All surfaces Clean down thoroughly to remove all dirt, dust and loose material. Ensure surface is free from oil, grease and mould. If moss and mould are present, treat with Resene Moss & Mould Killer (see Data Sheet D80). Old enamels require fine sanding to a uniform dull finish. Prime as per the following: Cedar, weathered timber Treat with Resene TimberLock (see Data Sheet D48). Prime as for timber above. Customwood, particleboard, timber Resene Quick Dry Acrylic Primer Undercoat (see Data Sheet D45). (Where a staining type of timber exists an application of Resene Wood Primer (see Data Sheet D40) may be required). Fibrous plaster, paperfaced plasterboard Resene Broadwall Acrylic Wallboard Sealer (see Data Sheet D403). Ensure new paperfaced plasterboard is prepared to a level of finish suitable for the specified paint finish. Resene Broadwall Surface Prep (see Data Sheet D807) or Resene Broadwall 3 in 1 (see Data Sheet D810) will be required to achieve a Level 5 finish. Soft or absorbent surfaces Where the surface to be painted is considered too soft to form a stable substrate, a saturation coat of a fully penetrating sealer, such as Resene Sureseal (see Data Sheet D42), may be required. Varnished surfaces, laminated surfaces Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer (see Data Sheet D47a).