Epoxy Air Drying Z/P Surfacer 0682ME

Description :

Two Pack Epoxy air drying Z/P Surfacer Grey 0682ME are supplied in Two separate Containers, namely Base and Hardner. Base and Hardner are to be mixed in the ratio of 4:1 by Volume. Wait for 1/2 hours after mixing Base and Hardner before applying the coating. The cured film is having maximum corrosion resistance & water resistance.

Thinning :

Thinner 0682T only

Uses :

All metallic surface.

Finish :


Covering Capacity :

14-16 Sq. Metrs. Per Ltr. with 40-50Microns. Dry film Thickness (D.F.T.)

Drying Time :

S.D. (Surface Dry)…2-4Hrs. b) H.D. (Hard Dry)…6-8Hrs. T.F. (Tack Dry)...Overnight.

Color Range :

White & Grey.

Highlights :

No sign of corrosion or loss of adhesion of coatings or any spot formation located even after 4 days, of continuos exposure of painted plates to baffled Spray of salt solution.

Shelf Life :

Minimum one year from the Date of manufacture under sealed container.

Flash Point :

Above 23°C

Undercoats :


Directions of Use :

Stir the base and hardner thoroughly and mix Four Parts of base with One Part of Hardner by volume to make the mixture homogeneous and allow the mixture to mature for 30 minutes before the application by brush or spray. PRECAUTIONS:: 1. All the mixing equipment and air compressor should be free from traces of moisture. 2.Do not apply over wet surface or under humid conditions, during the rain, fog or mist.