Coal Tar Epoxy Two Pack

Coal Tar Epoxy Paint Black (Two Pack) is supplied in Two separate containers, namely Base and Hardener.  Base and Hardener are to be mixed in the ratio of 3:1( BASE : HARDENER: 3:1) by volume. Wait for 1/2 hours after mixing Base and Hardener before applying the coating. The cured film is having maximum corrosion resistance, water resistance (either hot or chilled) properties.

Few characteristic are cited below:-

Finish (Semi Glossy)

Consistency Smooth & Uniform
Viscosity at 30 C B/4 Cup. .. 80 - 120 Sec. (at 270C)
Covering Capacity as per IS: 101 16-20Sq. Mts. Per liter

with 30 – 35  Microns.

Dry film Thickness.  (D.F.T.)

Drying Time of mixed material

(Base + Hardener)

a)  S.D.       (Surface Dry)

b) H.D.     (Hard Dry )

c) T.F.      (Tack Dry)





24 hours

Finish Semi Glossy
Weight per 10Ltr. in Kg. 10.5 to 12.00  + 0.5.%
Scratch hardness after 72 hours of curing Passes the load of 1.5Kg.
Flexibility and Adhesion No damage or detection

of cracking of film visible.

Protection against  corrosion No sign of corrosion or loss of

adhesive coatings on any spot

formation located even after 4 days

of continuous exposure of painted

plates to baffled spray of salt solution

Salt Spray Test No blisters or any sign located even

after 4 days of continuous exposure

of painted plates to baffled spray of

salt solution.

Resistance to Warm Water at

45 C for 4 Hours.

No fading, flaking or chip off of the Film.
Flash point. Above 25 C.
Shelf life. Minimum one year from the date of


Note : -

For better results, apply Epoxy Two Pack Red Oxide Primer as undercoat to achieve maximum weather & corrosion resistance properties. Ensure that the surface to be painted is  free from laitance, traces of grease, oil or moisture and complete removal of rust particles. Degreasing is preferably carried out with non – flammable chemicals, by Sand blasting. Mixed material. ( Base + Hardener + Reducer 0682T i.e. 3 parts + 1 Parts  +    1 Parts) has to be consumed within 4 hours otherwise the      material would be wasted and unusable.