Chloronated Rubber Paint & Primer Grey

Description :

CHLORUB BASED PAINTS & PRIMERS are formulated specifically with high quality non-reactive corrosion-inhibitive pigments and extender properly blended with non permeable plasticizers, synthetic binders and high aromatic content solvents to encounter severe tropical, climatic and adverse atmospheric conditions prevailing in our country. These composite systems have excellent water and ultraviolet rays resistant, mild acid and alkali, and fungus resistance.

Thinning :

Special rubberised thinner OCR2T

Uses :

Virtually on all surfaces. Special uses in Swimming Pool

Finish :

Smooth Semi-Glossy

Application :

By Spray Only

Covering Capacity :

15-18 Sq. Mt. Per liter

Drying Time :

Surface Dry-Not more than 30 Mts., Hard Dry-Not more than 2 Hrs, Tack Free-6 to 8 Hrs.

Color Range :

As per Requirement.

Packing :

1, 4 & 20 litres.

Shelf Life :

6 Months under properly sealed condition

Flash Point :

Above 25°C

Undercoats :

CR-based only.

Directions of Use :

Keep away from direct Sunlight & welding spot.