Chloronated Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer

Description :

Epoxy Paint Red Oxide is supplied in Two separate containers, namely Base for A/Drying Epoxy Paint Base & Hardner are to be mixed in the ratio of 4:1 (BASE: HARDNER: 4:1) by volume and wait for 1/2 hours before applying the coating. Care is to be taken that the mixed material is to be consumed within 3-4 hours because mixed material has got limited pot life. Application of Primer should be followed with a coat of Epoxy Finishing Paint (2 Pack). Dry Film Thickness (D.F.T) of 60 to 70 Microns should be achieved after Epoxy Paint Primer Followed by Epoxy Finishing.

Finish :

Egg-Shell/ Matt

Drying Time :

Surface Dry-2 to 4 Hrs., Hard Dry- 6 to 8 Hrs, Tack Free-Overnight

Shelf Life :

Minimum one year after date of manufacture. (In separate sealed containers)