Acid & Alkali Heat Resisting Black Bituminous Paint (IS:158)

Description :

This composition is specially developed to encounter mild heat (Maximum 200°C), water and chemical resistant. It is recommended for the protection of condensing plates; funnels, boiler and water tanks is lead free black coating; No other shade is available in this composition and withstands temperature of 150°C to 200°C.

Thinning :

Synthetic Thinner 024T

Uses :

Ideal for funnels, boilers, appliances connected with ammunition, water tanks.

Finish :

Semi Glossy.

Application :

Smooth, Uniform and suitable for application by brush.

Covering Capacity :

20 Sq. Mt. Per liter with 15 -18 18m d.ft.

Drying Time :

Surface dry .. 30 Minutes at 27 C. Hard Dry .. 8 hours. Tack free .. Overnight.

Color Range :


Packing :

20 Ltrs, 3 Ltrs & 1 ltr

Highlights :

Temperature Resistant upto 200°C.

Shelf Life :

One year from the date of Manufacture.

Flash Point :


Undercoats :


Application Areas :

On grills, fencing wires, railway poles, electric poles, water tank, coolers etc.