PU (Single Pack) Anti-Corrosion Black

Description :

Special PU (Single Pack) Anti-corrosion Black is an unique coating having maximum anticorrosive, Chemical resistance, mild acid and alkali resistance and steam resistance (Water resistant up to 80oC) The solvent combination is blended in such a fashion to suit brushing/Spraying or roller Coating.

Thinning :

PU Thinner 0608T

Uses :

On heavy metallic surfaces.

Finish :

Semi Glossy to Egg Shell.

Application :

By Brush/Spray.

Covering Capacity :

20Sq. Mtr. per Ltr on non observant surface Or depending upon Porosity and surface condition.

Drying Time :

a)Surface Dry: 3 to 4 Hours. For faster result, forced drying at 80°C for 2 minutes b)Hard Dry : 8 Hours. c)Tack Free: 48 Hours

Color Range :


Highlights :

Resistance to Heat:Pass up to 300°C.

Shelf Life :

12 months

Flash Point :

Above 25°C

Undercoats :

PU Rust Guard Primer 502.