Technical Data Sheet

C.R. Based Fire Retardant Paints (Solvent Based)

Fire Retardant Paints are based on high quality of intumescence pigments and, chemically inert extenders properly blended with Isoprene based binders.  It can be applied either on Asbestos, Wood, or Mild Steel.

It has the following features-

1.  Finish:           Smooth, Uniform and Semi- Glossy

2.  Supply Viscosity at 30°C with Ford Cup B4 :  60 to 120 seconds.

3.  Colours: White, Grey, Light Pink or Any other shade on order

4.  Drying Time:

               (a)   Surface dry:          15 to 30 Minutes

               (b)   Hard Dry:               3 to 4 Hours

6.   Covering capacity per liter per coat :   8 to 10 Sq Meter per litre per coat (25 microns DFT)

7.   Mode of application :                        By airless Spray Or By brush

8.   Thinner for adjustment :                Glossy’s Reducer OCR 2T

9.  Fire Retardant Test:   It withstands the temperature up to 500 to 550°C  for 20 Seconds.

10.  Shelf Life :               12  Months under Sealed condition from the date of manufacturing.

11. Number of  Coats: Minimum two coat after interval of 2 to 4 Hours

12. Pack sizes:  20 Litres , 4 Litres ,  1 Litre

Note: For Fire Retardant Paint ST for fibre glass wool and plastic specifications are different.

For Water based fire retardant paints, contact our representative before ordering.