1001 Pink Wood Primer

Description :

Ideal for new wood, 1001 Pink Wood Primer has excellent filling properties and is specially formulated to prevent the'sinkage' of gloss that occurs when synthetic enamels are applied directly on wood

Thinning :

Synthetic thinner 024T

Uses :

On wooden surface.

Finish :

Smooth and Matt

Application :

By Brush/Spray/Roller.

Covering Capacity :

8 to 9 sq. metres per litre per coat, depending on the surface and the quality of wood

Drying Time :

Surface dry : 2 hours. Hard dry : 4-6 hours.

Color Range :


Packing :

500 ml, 1, 4, 10 & 20 litres

Highlights :

Support adhesion to finish coats and prevents penetration of wood.

Shelf Life :

12 months

Flash Point :

Above 38°C.

Undercoats :


Directions of Use :

Wood Primer should be brushed in properly to ensure that it is worked into the surface in order to prevent ‘sinkage’ of gloss on the top coats of enamels applied. The primed surface should be dry cut with emery paper no. 280 before finish coats are applied.

Application Areas :

On all wooden surfaces.