Description :

This is an economy enamel that is ideal for interior use. Its gives a glossy and durable finish and is suitable for wood, steel furniture and various other household items.

Thinning :

Thinner 024T.

Uses :

Metal and wood.

Finish :


Application :

Brush or spray

Covering Capacity :

13 to 15 sq. metres per litre per coat depending on the surface and shade

Drying Time :

S.D.- 3-4hrs. H.D.- 6-8hrs. T.F.- 24 hrs.

Color Range :

Enamel Shadecard

Packing :

500 ml, 1, 4, 10 & 20 litres.

Highlights :

Provides economic range of colors and quality.

Shelf Life :

12 Months

Flash Point :

Above 38°C

Undercoats :

1001 Cement Primer White/Red Oxide Metal Primer.

Directions of Use :

The 1st coat should dry for at least 8 hours, if not overnight. For superior adhesion and gloss, the 1st coat should be dry/wet cut with waterproof emery paper no. 320 before the 2nd coat is applied

Application Areas :

On metallic and wooden surface.